Insulation Sheet

  ICF blocks are Pre-formed interlocking blocks which are forms for poured concrete walls that stay in place as a permanent part of the wall assembly. ICF blocks can be assembled quickly in any shape and form thereby reducing the construction time by less than half. Assembling the ICF blocks is very simple and does not require special manpower than conventional methods. Costs are also brought down by eliminating the need for other manpower usually associated with concrete block buildings.
Houses made by ICF blocks are energy efficient and heat/cold insulated by virtue of their design in which the cement wall is covered by tightly packed insulated material. Think of it as a thermal blanket outside your home.
Sound proof walls in your entire house. You can now enjoy watching your favourite movies in your beloved home theatre system with cinematic effects!
Quick construction time with unskilled labour - you can get your house ready in as little as 99 days because you won't have to wait for the bulky blocks to arrive and then the time it would take to assemble the blocks. In fact it's so simple that you will feel like doing it yourself!!
Faster completion time means you don't pay for extended labour costs, bank interest charges and you get to live in your house quicker.
There is absolutely no need for extensive iron rebar's usually needed in traditional construction process.
The ICF blocks are also cheaper to transport because they weigh much less - 1.35 kgs per square meter as compared to approx 200 kgs per square meter of concrete blocks!
Because of the ergonomical design of the ICF blocks which have interlinking support.
Because cement concrete is poured into the ICF blocks with an iron rebar, it stands just like a retaining wall (walls which are put up to prevent flood water).
The ceiling slabs are inter joined by T-frames, keeping the whole roof in place for years.
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Innovation ICF Catalog
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Typical Two-Store Home with Basement ICF Block System Concrete Block
Average heating and Cooling Costs Compared framing 50 to 70% Savings 30% Losses
Insulation R Value from Typical Thermographic tests R-28 to R-32 R-2 to R-8
Saving on Heating and Air Conditioning Systems 60-70% No added savings
Resistance to Sustained winds Greater than 160 mph Standard design Special design
Resistance to Fire and Flame Excellent Excellent
Sound Proofing Ability Excellent Good
Resistance to Termites, Rodents and Rot Excellent Poor to Good
Installation at Temperature Down to 0 Degree Farenheit Yes No